I believe there is a hierarchy to collaboration. Actually, collaboration is the wrong word, maybe I simply mean community. Community is not just place like a neighborhood. 

This is a personal statement of commitment.

I have lost my community and I want it back. 

I believe there is a hierarchy to community. it goes like this:

  1. Commitment - Declare your membership
  2. Partnership - Show up, do work, realize value
  3. Openness -  Vulnerability
  4. Emergence - The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

I wrote about this a while ago but I didn't understand it very well. I was writing about community (collaboration) as if it were something that some one else should do. 

I am committing to gardening - to being a gardener - to being in a community of gardeners. It feels both metaphorically and actually right. It is winter. The soil is dried out, likely has no nutrients and is badly in need of conditioning. That's where I will start.

I started talking to some gardeners on Facebook yesterday so I think I know how to start. Thank you Dave, Felix, Scott, Martha, Elizabeth, Sara, and Nate. I appreciate the help.