So You  Say You Want a Revolution?


Success in a mission based organization is defined as progress toward solving problems. I will help your organization identify critical path work and implement practical systems that make your work more efficient and provide real-time data about your success. I have extensive experience working with organizations big and small, nonprofits and social enterprise, global and local.

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Manage What Matters

I have 25 years of experience creating practical systems uniquely tailored to the needs of mission based organizations. These systems must be practical and inexpensive while increasing both efficiency and efficacy. I can demystify the tools (content management, community management, knowledge management, CRM, ERP, e-Commerce...) and help you refine your work so that your efforts have the greatest likelihood of producing results for your beneficiaries.

Solution Management

We have enough ideas. What we need are communities of practitioners remixing existing ideas. Sphaera is a new social enterprise dedicated to the publication and reuse of existing solutions. Through a Solutioning Workshop I can help your team make better use of what you already know as well as establish collaborative relationships with a global community of practitioners

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